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Please note that if there is an item marked as [PREORDER] in your order, it will only be shipped in approx mid~lateJuly. Will ship them earlier if possible. Preorders are open till 18th June.

Fan made merchandise.

***Current estimate shipping date: within 3~4 weeks of purchase***
Please do not buy if you cannot wait. 

Mails are sent out via normal mail by default.
If you'd like to have tracking capabilities, please add tracking < HERE >
Tracked parcels will be sent within a week!


✧ Clear acrylic charm with star keyring
✧ Double acrylic, protected on both sides!
✧ Size ranges from 5~6cm depending on character


STICKERS : PVC, Approx 4cm in size, white border

PRINT : ZhongLi
✧ 145*100mm
✧ printed on 300gsm Double Copper paper

✧ [ ALL ] FULL SET - comes with all 18 charms, all 6 stickers, and ZhongLi print
✧ [ CHARM SET A ] Aether, Paimon, Lumine, Kaeya, Diluc, Razor, Fischl, Venti, Qiqi + FREE STICKER SET A
✧ [ CHARM SET B ] Childe, ZhongLi, Xiao, Chongyun, Xingqiu, Klee, XiangLing, KeQing, Barbara + FREE STICKER SET B
✧ [ ALL - STICKERS + PRINT ] Sticker SET A + B + ZL Print
✧ [ STICKER SET A ] Venti, Paimon, Qiqi
✧ [ STICKER SET B ] MonaLisa, ZhongLi, Klee


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