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[ 6 NOV UPDATE ] : Seeing how a lot of people are keeping the doodles, in the future, I'll doodle on a separate kraft envelope instead so you can keep them safe from the travel, or even reuse it if you're able to ^^ I'll use the envelope to store merch bought. If too small, I'll just slip it in!

I will draw a little doodle based on merch that you've bought from my store (character picked at random) at the back of the yellow envelope for funsies as thanks for your tip! Please take note that these are quick doodles, so it won't be anything too detailed, and it can go from dot eye to a chibi head doodle, so please don't have high expectations for these.

❖ Default doodles will be with black. 
❖ Occasionally, other colors may be used.
❖ I try to add colors ocassionally or if tip is $10 and above, but please note that there's limited availability of colored markers.
❖ Envelopes are usually in yellow, so please note. Occasionally if there is a big amount of merch, a brown cardboard box, or a white envelope, whichever is available, may be used.

If you want to tip without anything in return at all, feel free to head to my ko-fi page:

Thank you so much for your support in this difficult time! ; o ;

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