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***Current estimate shipping date: within 3~4 weeks of purchase***
Please do not buy if you cannot wait. 

H U N T E R ☓ H U N T E R

❖ Double sided clear acrylic charm.
❖ Approx 5cm tall, strap comes with removable earphone jack, and protective plastic layer that can be peeled off

❖ A l l u k a has two versions. One with the usual single layer acrylic of just A l l u k a  on both sides ($10), and one more with double layer acrylic protection, with A l l u k a  and N a n i k a  on the back ($12). The double layer charm comes with a D hook keychain

Pairing keychain (2 characters in 1 charm)
❖ approx 6cm, comes with a D hook keychain instead of a strap

For more photos of product:

Do not hesitate to ask if there's anything else you'd like to know about the product. Thank you so much for the support & understanding, and please have a nice day! ( ´  ∇ ` )ノ 


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